Listing a home can be a very challenging experience. Bob works to minimize the strain and also to maximize what you can obtain for selling your home. Using a combination of the Internet, printed materials, ads and videos, Bob works tirelessly to find the right buyer for your property.


  1)  Identify a Professional Realtor

  2)  Decide when you want to sell your home

  3)  Sign Listing Agreement

    • Determine Selling Price

  4)   Show Your home

    • This will be done through the Realtor’s listing office
    • By appointment only
    • You do not have to be home

  5)  Prepare your home

    • Remove or store all “unnecessary items such as pictures & “knic-knacs”
    • Remove clutter from rooms
    • Keep kitchen & bathrooms neat at all times
    • Make beds
    • Keep yard neat and uncluttered
    • Garage can be used to store items to be moved

  6)  Review offers

    • Accept
    • Reject
    • Counteroffer

  7)  Home Inspections when Offer Accepted from a Buyer

    • Home Inspected
    • Termite Inspection
    • Roof Inspection
    • Agree to replace, fix or repair items found during inspections

  8)  Closing Preparation

    • Date set in the Buyer offer
    • Title company prepares deed and title papers
    • Repair, replace or fix open items from inspection
    • Buyer Appraisal (for financing)
    • Buyer Survey (if required by bank)

  9)  Buyer Final Walk Through

  10)  Closing